COrporate design

SMAG - Soziales Miteinander aktiv gestalten

The new founded non-profit association 'SMAG – Soziales Miteinander aktiv gestalten‘ stands up for political education and cultural exchange. To start their activity they needed a logo and corporate design. Together we identified their desired public image, communication goals and target group to be able to create an appropriate, eye-catching look. First I designed the logo, which visualizes the topic 'communication' in a modern and minimalistic manner. Based on this I developed main design elements, which I adapted for different print and online media. 

Maksymum Organic

The newly established company Maksymum Organic, that stands for fair and organic coffee from Nepal called for tender for corporate design and adaption to different print media. The Logo I created is a combination of word and figurative mark. The two logo components are used either together or separately, depending on the media. The defined colors and used materials (recycled paper, cardboard, linen and a reusable ceramic cup) echo the project's natural and organic character. 


Waldmenschen is a Hamburg based association to protect the Panamanian rainforest.  I designed a 6 page Flyer for them to make their activities and goals public and to grow their community. Based on their pre-existing Corporate Identity I designed some Infographics and Icons. I chose a bold layout with asking headlines to catch readers attention immediately.