Social Media

Persil – Facebook Postings

German detergent manufacturer 'Persil' set the goal to address a much younger target group on Facebook. After doing some research we defined two relevant target groups. The first one: Young adults, especially students, who moved out from home to live on their own or in shared apartments. The second one: Young families or families to be. Both groups use Persil because they know it from their own parents and connect a feeling of trust, security and comfort with the product. We figured out relevant content for each target group and did an eye-catching redesign. Below you find a small collection of some randomly picked Facebook postings of the last months.

EDEKA – Facebook Postings

The big german supermarket chain and supplier 'Edeka' wanted its social media content to be more digitally customized and more relevant for social media users. So we worked over our former editorial plans and started to make the design more catchy and set the focus on strong visuals. Content-related we refer more often to recent internet topics. E.g. new Emojis, new Star Wars movie and several food trends/hypes.