conception / Webdesign / Social hub

German food manufacturer 'Almette' called a pitch to redesign their existing website. They wished their content to be restructured, more connected to social media and more attractive for young, urban living users. Their redesign was supposed to fit the newly defined target group as well as the former user base. First we worked over the website's information architecture for better user experience. We figured out four main navigation topics. The overall topic was 'urban gardening' so that users get input about growing their own herbs and veggies, baking their own bread to have their organic  'Almette' breakfast.  

The main page functions as hub and combines user-generated content with editorial content. On the sub-sites we present specific information about the product, recipes and articles as well as background information about the production process, all under the aspect of local and sustainable farming. 

Persil Uni Challenge

conception / webdesign / Social Media

German detergent fabricant 'Persil' planned an event at German universities where students can challenge Moms in table soccer, darts and reaction games. What the students don't know – They compete against former German world champions.  

The responsive website contains an overview about participating universities with calendar function to save the event, an online map and detailed information about the challenges and prices to win. After the event was over the website functioned as review page with social hub and picture gallery (left).